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Angle of Incidents (1 of 3)

It's a thing!

Angle of Incidents (in three parts)

Fandom: Stargate.
Spoilers: None. (extremely AU; primarily original characters, although you'll recognize some).
Sex: No.
Language: Military folks swear some.
Kinks: Point-of-view.
Prompts: None, although the water balloons wouldn't have been out of place.
Length: 10k words (trisected).

What kind of thing is it? I'd hate to have to say it's a story. Perhaps it's an extended vignette. Perhaps it's "porn without plot", except without the porn. Except there *is* plot, or at least stuff happens at the end; so maybe it's a story with a rhinoceros on the beginning that I ought to trim off but haven't.

I have other ideas of what it might be, but I'll hold off on posting them until I see yours. Feedback very welcome. This has not been beta'd, and I bet you can tell. (Zarf sez, "Everything I know about the Air Force, I learned from fandom." Which is better than "...from TV," but still scary, right?)

I'll say this, though: I had a whole lot of fun writing it.

I'm dividing it into three posts, not because it's terribly long, but because the tone shifts quite a bit, and I think it needs the spacing-out.

'Toynbee idea in Kubrick movie Stardisc resurrect dead on Planet Atlantis!'Collapse )

EDIT-ADD: Links to part one, part two, part three.

Admin: Challenge Extension!

Upon request, and because this year people were apparently more interested in watching the election than avoiding it, I'm extending the ostrich_2008 challenge.

Today is 5 November; please get your stories (or other offerings) posted no later than midnight on 5 December.

(Yay, this means I can write the story I was thinking about!)

Ghost Story

Bare hours before US voting starts (what? I'm *not looking* at the Dixville Notch exit polls), here is my story. It was a wild idea 48 hours ago. I have no idea if it's a story now.

This is not based on one of the community prompts; rather, a prompt of my own which I might reveal tomorrow. Or not. No sex, no violence, but possible mortal peril.

Ghost StoryCollapse )


Hey, Ostriches, this is just a reminder that the time for responding to this challenge runs out tomorrow night!

Don't forget to post your stories!

Operational Necessity (The Sandbaggers)

Operational Necessity

Fandom: The Sandbaggers

Summary: It’s a story about spies, in a fandom so small you’ve probably never heard of it. Alas. I swear the source is worth your while — it’s clever and intense and morally ambiguous and available on DVD.

Karen Milner, Neil Burnside, Jeff Ross, and Willie Caine, with minimal spoilers for the second season. About 3,500 words. Written because I wanted more Karen (and, okay, I was in bed with a head cold and my wireless kept cutting out). amaliedageek betaed it for me, when she wasn't telling me to go back to bed and take some more NyQuil.

There’s some sex, though it’s not particularly explicit; there’s some violence; and everyone involved lies for a living.

There is no moral precept that does not have something inconvenient about it. --Denis Diderot

Read more...Collapse )

Party (Babylon 5)

Title: Party
Author: vjs2259
Fandom: Babylon 5
Genre/Characters: John/Delenn, Garibaldi, ODC (Other Drazi Character)
Spoilers/Setting: S4, Epiphanies
Disclaimer: Not my characters or settings or backgrounds. But they are my words.
Rating: G (PG if you're sensitive)

Prompts: All of 'em. Dinosaurs, water balloons, Diderot, and Clement.

We're back!
Hello happy Ostriches! I bet you're just having so much fun following the election that you have no interest in anything else! ::coughs:: But for those of you who are finding the election stressful or overwhelming or just want to think about something (anything) else for a while, here's your chance!

The Election Season ostrich_2008 Challenge is now open for business.

The Rules
As before, the rules are as follows:
-- Any fandom or no fandom at all.
-- Art, fiction, stories, even meta if that floats your boat.
-- Any length work is acceptable.
-- No incest, no kiddie porn.
-- Warn for sex and violence, please use cut-tags. Ratings are encouraged but not required.
-- If you have questions about anything, feel free to drop a note in reply to this post, or send me email at cofax 7 at livejournal.com.

The Prompts
Your prompts are as follows:

-- Dinosaurs (metaphorical, virtual, or actual)


-- Water balloons


There is no moral precept that does not have something inconvenient about it. --Denis Diderot.


The universe is antagonist enough. -- Hal Clement.

The Deadline
Post any time you like, up to and including Election Day, which here in the USofA is Tuesday, November 4. The polls challenge will be open until midnight Pacific time (GMT -8hours) on November 4.

Ready? Set? Go bury your head in the sand!